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Advanced Motors Electromagnetics

Advanced Motors Electromagnetics: Technical Director, Founder

Raser Tech (now VIA Motors): Vice President Research & Development

Moog: Head of Aerospace Motor Development

Valeo: Manager Motor Technology Research and Development, Senior Expert

Prestolite Electric: Senior Scientist

Dana Automotive: Senior Scientist

Dr. Sergei Kolomeitsev has over 30 years of research & development experience with next-generation electric motors and drives. He has been awarded 27 patents and 9 patent applications are currently pending. Sergei has advised numerous projects which resulted in innovation breakthroughs, over 150 patents, and significant financial gains for clients and employers. Dr. Kolomeitsev received his PhD in Electromagnetics from Novocherkask Polytechnick Institute (Russia) where his studies focused on high harmonics of torque and stray losses in asynchronous motors.

Advanced Motors Electromagnetics: Director of Electronics

VIA Motors: Program Manager

Raser Tech: Sr. Motor Control Engineer/Manager

Valeo: Sr. Motor Control Engineer

Prestolite Electric: Senior Project Engineer/Manager

Rover Cars, Butec Electric: Senior Engineer/Project Engineer

Tom Gallagher has over 30 years of experience in design and implementation of power electronics and embedded micro controller systems. Tom has successfully handled numerous advanced technology projects related to: Dual Motor/Generator Drives for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, various IGBT and MOSFET Inverters, Brushless PM and Switch Reluctance motor drives, Park Brake controllers, Transmission controllers, and many others. Tom has experience as both a hardware and software engineer and has been granted multiple patents. Tom graduated with a BSEE from Wigan College in England and also earned multiple certificates in electronics.

Sergei F Kolomeitsev

Electric Motor Design and Analysis

Tom Gallagher