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Hybrid Vehicle Patent, 1905

Hybrid Vehicle Patent and Technology

Tesla's Alternating Motor Patent, 1896

Electric Motor Expert:

Dr. Sergei Kolomeitsev is a recognized electric motor design, analysis, and optimization expert who has 9 patents currently under consideration in the U.S. patent office, while 27 patents have already been published and approved. He has also supervised numerous innovative projects that resulted in over one hundred and fifty patents. Furthermore, Dr. Kolomeitsev served on patent advisory boards that helped transfer innovative ideas into patents and eventually useful and cost-effective products.

Published U.S. Patents:

8,093,857 Polyphase electric motor

7,276,873 Fault-handling system for electric power steering system

7,161,819 Zero-crossing correction in sinusoidal commutated motors

7,116,075 Electric power steering system for a vehicle

6,853,159 Apparatus and method for generating torque

6,844,653 Stator design for permanent magnet motor with combination slot wedge and tooth locator

6,784,582 Magnet Shaping and Pole Concentration for Reduction of Cogging Torque in Permanent Magnet Motors

6,744,171 Rotating Electric Machine with Sloped Tooth Surfaces for cogging torque reduction

6,127,754 Master synchronizer motor

6,049,181 Method and apparatus for reducing noise in a variable reluctance motor

6,025,668 Variable reluctance motor having bifurcated stator poles

5,973,462 Method and apparatus of reducing acoustic noise in switched reluctance electric motor

5,934,430 Electrically operated clutch

5,920,176 C-Dump topology noise reduction

5,861,727 System for controlling operation of a switched reluctance motor between multi-phase operating mode and a reduced phase operating mode

5,844,346 Low torque ripple switched reluctance motor

5,783,940 Encoder circuit for determining the position of a rotor of a multiphase motor

5,777,416 Switched reluctance motor with low mutual inductance between phases

5,742,139 Method and apparatus for reducing noise in a variable reluctance motor

5,719,456 Variable reluctance electric motor

5,668,430 Dual-sectioned switched reluctance motor

Published Russian Patents:

2,011,650 Single phase switched reluctance motor for appliance applications

2,040,101 Single phase switched reluctance motor for appliance applications

2,059,993 Single phase switched reluctance motor for appliance applications

1,772,811 Low cost single phase Brushless PM spindle motor for hard drive

1,763,759 Variable reluctance linear magnetic activator

1,630,943 Brushless PM linear activator for railway car mover

1,630,924 Brushless linear motor for railway car

1,630,843 Magnetic railway truck shifter

Tesla Patent, Electric Vehicle Technology
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